:  大都会博物馆 is looking for sales support staff that would help straighten clothing 和 assist sales people.  Looking for high school students to work after school 和/or on weekends.

 (941) 388-3991


比亚蜡烛公司是一家成立于2019年的当地蜡烛制造商. 它发展很快,很多新项目总是层出不穷. We are looking to bring in juniors to help us with c和le production 和 participate in the fast growth we are experiencing.

Bia graduated from V和erbilt with a major in psychology 和 business. 她把这一点灌输给她所有的年轻员工. During shifts, she talks about different businesses, ideas, 感兴趣s. She picks their brains for them to discover 和 explore what makes them tick. She will always use my networking to promote them 和 help them on the path they choose.

Bia C和le Co is looking for dedicated 和 reliable juniors at Cardinal Mooney to be part of our c和le production team. The job includes everything in pre 和 post production 和 any 和 everything we need to do in the studio. 由于这是一个不断增长的业务,任务可能会有所不同. 


  1. 装蜡机
  2. 用热胶吸干罐子
  3. 切割威克斯
  4. 给罐子盖上盖子
  5. 标签
  6. 装运包装单
  7. 清点蜡烛和材料的库存
  8. 用丝带包蜡烛
  9. 打扫和倒垃圾
  10. 组织

We are currently looking for 2 new c和idates who are very detail oriented 和 have delicate manual dexterity, 特别适合贴标签和用丝带包装礼物. 他/她应该喜欢手工和用自己的双手工作. 让他们喜欢自己的工作很重要. 比亚蜡烛公司是一个有趣的环境. 我们学习,我们欢笑,我们努力工作.

轮班时间是周一、周二和/或周四下午3点至6点. 候选人需要能够每周工作两班. Payment is $10/小时 for the first month of training; $11/h after first month. 6个月后,我们评估另一次增长.

我们期待着穆尼的学生成为我们团队的一员. 最重要的是, we hope this program brings an entrepreneurial spirit 和 empowerment to young adults, 美国未来的商业领袖!



我们希望聘请超级明星! Come join our team 和 grow with a company that values your hard work! 查看我们的网站了解更多信息: www.longboatkeyclub.com


我们提供 伟大的工资!! 以及令人难以置信的好处: 医疗,牙科,视力,人寿保险,PTO等等!


在这里, 每个人都受到欢迎 with the gracious hospitality 和 personalized service that has distinguished us as one of the top-ranked resorts in Sarasota, 佛罗里达.



·         管家(洗碗工) PM

·         一线厨师(3个空缺)

食物 & 饮料

·         主人或女主人

·         巴瑟/食物跑

·         服务器



暑期实习 2022



  • 地点: 萨拉索塔医院和威尼斯医院
  • 小时 & 计划时间: 24 to 40 每周工作8周
  • 活动日期:6月6日至7月29日
    • *扩展是可能的
  • 工资:16美元/人小时


  •  实习生必须是有资格在美国工作
  •  实习生必须是全球16个-24 年龄
  •  实习生米科大h大街交通 往返分配的班次
  •  实习生米一定要接种疫苗 针对COVID-19 或者有一个合格的 宗教或医学 豁免


1. 在线申请 (简历可选)应用程序将于4月上线 18
2. Register r银行地区 感兴趣,指定 改变时间
    a. 感兴趣的领域的例子:
        i. 护理单位支援技术
        ii. 医院/中央运输
        3。. IT呼叫中心
        iv. 教育
    b. 改变时间
        i. 6小时/天
        ii. 8小时/天
3. 参加 要求 摄入会话 on 周二,5月 31st at 早上9点发生在SMH-S和SMH-V地点.
    a. 着装要求:商务休闲装
    b. 所需的文档:
        i. 社会保障卡
        ii. S第二种形式的政府发行 照片 ID,
        3。. D直接存款信息
        iv. Proof of COVID-19 vaccination or medical or religious 豁免 form
        v. Proof of general immunization (MMR, Varicella, Hepatitis B Series, Tuberculosis test)
4. 安排EHS 职前 筛选.

请参阅下面的常见问题解答. For additional questions regarding the internship program at Sarasota Memorial Hospital – Sarasota, 请联系 丹妮拉·苏亚雷斯。Rivero at (电子邮件保护) or (941) 917-1728. For questions regarding the internship program at Sarasota Memorial Hospital – Venice, please 艾米丽·莫尔纳 (电子邮件保护).


1) Do I need any previous experience to work in this internship program? a. 不需要以前的工作经验. All of the necessary training will be provided on the job for each intern.

2)我应该带全球十大赌钱软件排行法律文件去面谈? a. You may bring your security card, passport, or 照片 ID 和 birth certificate.出于目的,不接受副本

3) Can I still work as a summer intern if I cannot work for the full program? a. It is the expectation that interns can work for the majority of the 8-week program. 休假和休息将由经理决定是否接受.

4) Does a parent or guardian need to be present for any meetings/ appointments? a. 如果你是18岁以下的未成年人, a parent or legal guardian must be present for the Employee Health 筛选 和 drug test appointment. 父母 or legal guardians may attend the Registration/摄入会话, but are not required to do so.

5)注册/入学会议将在哪里举行? a. Registration/摄入会话s will take places at both Sarasota Memorial Hospital – Sarasota Campus 和 the Sarasota Memorial Hospital – Venice Campus on 周二,5月 31st. 参加你申请的医院的会诊.

我需要开银行账户吗? 我将如何得到报酬? a. 实习生必须有银行账户才能获得报酬, 因为他们将通过直接存款支付,每两周一次. 实习生将被要求完成所有入职文件, 包括直接存款资料, 在注册和入学期间.

税金会从我的薪水中扣除吗? a. 是的,税金将被扣除.

实习生有资格获得加班费吗? a. No, interns will only be permitted to work a maximum of 40 小时s weekly. 实习生只能在白班工作.

9) Can I attend summer school 和 also participate in the internship program? a. No. Any student who must attend summer school is not eligible to work as an intern through this program.

10)是否为实习生提供上下班交通服务? a. No. 你必须有交通工具往返于他们的班次. There is a SCAT bus stop stationed across the street from the SMH-Sarasota campus. 如有需要,可向实习生提供巴士通行证.

我在哪里停车? a. SMH-S校区: i. 5月31日的入学考试, interns may use SMH’s complimentary valet services at the Waldemere garage or self-park their cars in the Waldemere garage on levels 4 和 above. ii. When interns are onboarded, they can park in the North Garage on the top floor only. b. SMH-V校区: i. For both the 5月31日 intake session 和 the duration of the internship program, 实习生可以把车停在顶楼的停车场.

实习生全球十大赌钱软件排行时候领取身份证? a. Interns will receive their SMH ID badges when they come in for their Employee Health Services 筛选 appointment.

这个项目还有全球十大赌钱软件排行其他津贴/福利吗? a. The SMHCS summer internship program will provide its participants with relevant skills 和 networking opportunities within the healthcare industry. 在节目中, 将有一个午餐和学习环节, where leaders of the program will discuss employability characteristics, 还有一个简历制作工作坊.

我的实习可以延长到学年吗?  a. 虽然不能保证延长实习时间, it is possible that you maybe asked to stay on after the program ends. Labor laws surrounding working conditions 和 小时s for minors will apply/determine a minor’s work schedule if the internship is continued throughout the school year.

15)在哪里可以找到COVID-19疫苗豁免表? a. Exemption forms can be found at the 佛罗里达 Department of Health’s website 和 linked below: i. 宗教豁免:http://www.floridahealth.gov/_documents/newsroom/press-releases/2021/11/20211118-dh-8017-covid-19-vaccine-religious-豁免-11.2021.pdf ii. 医疗豁免:http://www.floridahealth.gov/_documents/newsroom/press-releases/2021/11/20211118-dh-8016-covid-19-vaccine-medical-豁免-11.2021.pdf

我需要提供哪些免疫接种文件?  a. 实习生需要出示2份MMR的证明, 2水痘, 以及乙肝疫苗系列, 还有肺结核检查. Proof of immunity for MMR, Varicella, or Hepatitis B may also be acceptable. 只有在流感季节才需要注射流感疫苗, 通常从10月持续到5月初. b. 实习生还需要进行肺结核检查. i. If the intern is a minor (under 18 years old), a PPD skin test or QuantiFERON bloodwork is required. ii. 如果实习生已满18岁, 在过去一年内必须进行2次PPD测试, 在过去90天内注射过一次. If the intern has no previous PPD test history, 2 PPD skin tests will be given 1 week apart. Alternatively, the intern may get the QuantiFERON tuberculosis blood test done.